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re:Sources is a dynamic company providing services that cast the finest traditional and digital artistic talent to meet your specific production needs.

Since 1992, we have provided services to the film, television, commercial, animation, computer gaming & on-line industries. re:Sources casts the finest artistic talent for each project based on stylistic, budgetary and scheduling needs.

re:Sources’ diverse talent roster includes Oscar and Emmy award-winning artists whose services range from storyboard artists, conceptual artists, art directors, digital matte painters, animators, modelers and compositors for work on both contract and full-time projects.

re:Sources founder and principal, Melody Meisel, formerly Operations Manager of the Art Department at George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, has an extensive background in hiring and managing a variety of artists. Meisel is widely conversant with film and special effects production, interactive entertainment, commercial production, and talent recruitment. [Click here for more about Meisel's qualifications...]


A partial list of our clients includes:

• DreamWorks SKG • The Walt Disney Co. • Warner Bros.
• 20th Century Fox • MCA Universal • Paramount Pictures
• Sony Pictures Imageworks • Jim Henson Company • Digiscope
• Time Warner Interactive • Digital Domain • Rhythm & Hues
• Nickelodeon • IWERKS Entertainment • Centropolis Effects
• Alias|Wavefront • Square USA, Inc. • TSL
• Microsoft/Bungy • Santa Barbara Studios • Medialab (U.S.)
• ID Software • Pacific Data Images • "O" Entertainment
• Electronic Arts • Imagine Entertainment • Midway Entertainment
• a52 • DreamQuest/The Secret Lab


The following is a small sampling of jobs successfully completed by artists represented by re:Sources:


Like Cats and Dogs Concept Art, Digital Matte Paintings
Spider Man Digital Matte Paintings
Final Fantasy Digital Matte Paintings
Dracula 2000 Digital Matte Paintings
Vertical Limit Digital Matte Paintings
102 Dalmatians Digital Matte Paintings
The Bicentennial Man Digital Matte Paintings
The Grinch Concept Art, Storyboards
Forces of Nature Digital Matte Paintings
Message in a Bottle Oil on Canvas Paintings
Stepmom Digital Matte Paintings
Armageddon Digital Matte Paintings
What Dreams May Come Digital Concept Art
Mighty Joe Young Digital Matte Paintings, Compositing
Kundun Digital Matte Paintings
Contact Concept Art, Digital Matte Paintings, Compositing
Antz Production Design, Concept Art, Storyboards
The Prince Of Egypt Digital Visual Development
El Dorado Digital Previsualization, Digital Visual Development
Batman & Robin Digital Matte Paintings
The Peacemaker Digital Matte Paintings, FX Animation, Concept Art
Apollo 13 Digital Matte Paintings
Forrest Gump Storyboards, Digital Matte Paintings
Escape From Los Angeles Storyboards, Digital Matte Paintings
Star Trek: Generations Concept Art, Modeling, Digital Matte Painting
Ghost Storyboards, Concept Art
Jurassic Park Concept Art, Digital Matte Paintings, Technical Direction
Cliffhanger Concept Art, Storyboards
Interview with the Vampire Digital Matte Paintings
Hook Concept Art, Matte Paintings, Technical Direction


Mists of Avalon Digital Matte Paintings
Rocky (animation) Character Design
The Visitor Digital Matte Paintings, FX Animation
Brats of the Dark Nebulae (Henson) Concept Art, Character Design
Star Trek: Voyager Concept Art, Digital Matte Paintings, Technical Direction
Babylon Five Digital Matte Paintings, FX Animation, Compositing
Star Trek: Next Generation 3D Modeling, Digital Matte Paintings
500 Nations 3D Modeling, Digital Matte Paintings, Technical Direction


"Smart" Cola Concept Art, Storyboards, CG Animation
AT & T "Web" Superbowl Spot Concept Art, Digital Matte Paintings
Nintendo Concept Art, Digital Matte Paintings
Penzoil Digital Matte Paintings
First Union Bank Digital Matte Paintings
Coca Cola Digital Matte Paintings
Pepsi Digital Matte Paintings
Intel Concept Art, Storyboards, CG Animation
Traveler's Insurance Digital Matte Paintings
Exxon Storyboards
Pontiac Digital Matte Paintings
M&Ms Animation


Coming soon...


Jurassic Park: The Ride Digital Matte Paintings, Storyboards
Star Trek: The Experience Direction, Production Design
Indiana Jones: The Ride Concept Design
Atlantis Digital Matte Paintings, Concept Art
Seafari Digital Matte Paintings, Concept Art

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