Clients Looking for Artists:

We provide retained and contingency recruiting services when you need to find that mysteriously elusive yet perfect artist. re:Sources specializes in casting the perfect artistic talent for each position based on your stylistic, technical and budgetary needs. Click here to see a list of some of the major films, television shows, games and commercials on which our artists have worked.

Melody Meisel, re:Sources' founder, served as Art Department Manager for Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic and during her years there benefitted from reviewing countless portfolios of gifted artists. Meisel uses her expertise in casting artists to help you discern the best "fit" for your company or project whether you are looking to hire one artist or build an entire team. Through Meisel, re:Sources has provided these services to numerous studios and projects. Most notably, she spent over a year consulting to DreamWorks at its inception, helping the studio build DreamWorks Interactive (now an Electronic Arts company) as well as building the production design team and art department for PDI/DreamWorks' first 3D animated feature, "ANTZ" (for which Meisel received a "Very Special Thanks" credit on the film).

Artists Looking for Work:

re:Sources is always interested in learning more about artists who may be a fit for one of our recruiting clients. We welcome your resume, portfolios and demo reel. Although we do review all submitted materials, we can not respond until a position is available due to the large number of requests we receive. Please do not send original artwork, as we will keep materials on file for review and will not be able to return them.

To submit materials via email, please send to Please limit graphic files to 72dpi and send text files in either Microsoft Word, RTF, PDF or plain text formats.

To submit materials by postal mail, please send to: re:Sources 5700 Caleb Ave., Sacramento, CA 95819.



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